Plus IQ Points – Natural Ingredient To Boost Your Brain Function!


Plus IQ Points Reviews: There are many pills on the market claiming a whole lot of pretty unbelievable things, and this product is certainly one of them. This magic supplement claims to make you smarter, improve your concentration, boost brain power, and even energize Plus IQ Pointsyou in just minutes of taking the supplement. Sounds too good to be true right? That’s because it is too good to be true. Though I am sure that to an extent there is minimal brain power improvement I highly doubt that you would score higher on an IQ test if you are taking the supplement, as the official website claims.

What I have done is put together some interesting facts and information gathered both from the official website as well as some trusted medical websites to give a clear pictures of this supplement. I have also taken the liberty of ordering a bottle myself and giving it a shot. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get smarter, but you’ll find out if you continue reading.

A Quick overview of Plus IQ Points.

The official website of this supplement claims this is the magic “brain pill” that will instantly make you smarter, help you increase your IQ scores, enhance your memory recall, and improve your overall concentration. This is all possible and more, you get an extra boost in energy. That’s a whole lot of benefits, but is it really possible? They claim that there is a special combination of ingredients in the supplement, each individually tested by some of the leading neuroscientists and institutes in the United States. Only, they fail to list any of them which kind of makes this claim, unreliable. I was all for the supplement and actually thought that it may have some real results until it mentioned that you will get these fantastic results in minutes after taking it. Really? Somewhat unbelievable.

What are the Ingredients of Plus IQ Points?

So, what is in this magic “brain pill”? Hard to know really, as there is no actual list of the ingredients or an explanation of what each does. There is, however, a very nice low quality image of the Supplement Facts on the bottle itself. I have downloaded this image and zoomed in to try and make out some of the ingredients. This is what I’ve come up with after research on each:

 Vitamin E – Regularly taken for various diseases of the brain and nervous system. Used for everything from restless leg syndrome and epilepsy to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.  When taken moderately and without excess there are no side effects. Effectiveness however, is still yet to be proven.

Vitamin B6 – Has numerous benefits when taken in controlled small doses such as to make antibodies, maintain nerve function, and break down proteins. Didn’t find any necessary connection to the brain and memory however.

 Folate – A common supplement taken by pregnant women or those looking to get pregnant to ensure there are no deficiencies. Not sure how it affects the brain or why it is necessary in this supplement.

Vitamin B12 – Commonly taken with Folate it is primarily also used to treat deficiencies but also has shown some effectiveness in treating memory loss, overall mood, energy, and the immune system.

“Brain Blend” – No further information could be read off the bottle so this magic Brain Blend is still a mystery.

Phosphatidylcholine Powder – Though this ingredient has shown positive signs that it can actually help improve memory and spatial learning it does have its side effects such as diarrhea, excessive sweating, and stomach upset. Long term use has not been tested so keep that in mind.

DMAE Bitartrate – There are tests that conclude that it is effective for improving Alzheimer’s patients however there is still insufficient evidence for its overall effectiveness in improving mood and memory.

Omega 3 Complex – When taken as prescribed by a doctor it has positive results on heart and cardiovascular health. No link to overall brain function and memory though.

GABA – Though there isn’t concluding evidence confirming of its effectiveness, this chemical helps relieve anxiety and improve mood. Generally used to alleviate ADHD.

Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract – There are some pretty scary reviews of this extract so I would be somewhat careful with it. The actual extraction process, the purity, and overall quality are of extreme importance as otherwise there are some serious side effects due to how poisonous the seeds of the pant are. With that in mind it is claimed to help with memory and concentrations.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – There are studies that show that this antioxidant can actually help improve Alzheimer’s disease, memory, and even chronic fatigue.

 Vinpocetine – Though there is limited research, there are claims that it helps with Alzheimer’s disease. No serious side effects noted.

 Huperzine – A – This particular ingredient is borderline drug rather than a natural supplement due to the numerous processes that it goes through before it is consumed. With that said there are claims and studies that prove it is effective in improving memory, mental function, mood, and the general well-being.

There are several other ingredients listed under “Other Ingredients” which are basic fillers and standard substances necessary to form the actual pills. One that does stand out and I admit, made me giggle a little was the soy and fish (sardine, anchovy, salmon) ingredient at the very bottom. If you are vegan or vegetarian, I do not recommend this product.

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My Personal Experience with Plus IQ Points?

There really isn’t much to note. I took the supplement for approximately one month and didn’t see any serious or drastic improvement in my memory. Not to mention that I didn’t instantly become smarter moments after taking it. There are many claims that it does wonders on some of the forums and comments online, but it is pretty hard to weed out the paid comments and genuine comments. On the other hand, I did find quite a few that were rather disappointed. I, personally, am not impressed.


  • Ingredients listed are not dangerous and generally don’t have negative side effects
  • Several ingredients that are proven to actually improve memory and concentration
  • You can try it for 30 days at the price of shipping and $5 restocking fee


  • Unrealistic claims that are hard to live up to
  • Low res image of ingredients, no list with full information and their functions


  • Available to US only
  • Not FDA Approved

So, is Plus IQ Pointsa Scam or Not?

Really, do I have to answer this? Considering the information noted above I think it’s pretty clear that Plus IQ Points is a SCAM. The ingredients aren’t dangerous and most likely you won’t have any serious side effects, but are you willing to spend that much money only to find out that the only way to improve your IQ is to hit the books. I have yet to find a real good positive review of the supplement, and I myself am adding onto the numerous negative reviews.

Where can you find Plus IQ Points?

I have taken the liberty of exploring the shelves of some of the local stores and pharmacies but have failed to find Plus IQ Points. With that said, you can primarily find it online on their official website. They offer 3 different plans ranging from $44.95 (for a single bottle) to $149.85 (for 5 bottles total). You pay shipping & handling for the $44.95 (1 bottle) plan only. Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions carefully though, as you can return the bottle within 30 days and cancel, but they MUST receive it within 30 days.

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